Definition of God.

definition of god.
After using the scientific test which led to the fact that God exists. by Using the probability theory. ( read : God exists scientifically. How??? )
Now it is time. to get back to logic. to put definition to God. And what can we know about him. And how can we understand God existence.
And the first thing to be said which is the ultimate fact : You can never understand god existence. No chance for that at all but why ???????
Do you know programming. ( I know this question may be weird and mostly not all who read will know the reason for it but in case you know programming. that make it more easy for and more clear for you to understand the coming example.)
And also to make it much more easy. do you play computer games. which give you an avatar that lives in a complete digital world.
If this avatar was alive like us and wanted to understand Us as his god and his own existence. what is the chance for this avatar to understand our existence as his God.????
The avatar only sees sky and rain and land and creatures he fight or other avatars it meet. And even studying these won't led him to know how these were existed. Or how who made it exist ( US as his god did that )
And what are the chances that this avatar understands computer or programing ?
This is just an example of what we as humans managed to do. So when we start to talk about God who suppose to be who created us. We must know and admit that our minds won't be able to understand his existence.
But our minds can understand his definitions and description. But not his exact existence.
And another logic way. If you managed to understand God existence exactly. He won't be a god in this case. But a matter or an issue like clouds and rain.
So after this ultimate fact let's start to define God :
First definition For God : God is the complete perfection. God is complete in everything. God does not need a thing or another living to complete him. But on the contrary In god all things and living get complete because God is who created them all. As even the most wonderful things which can be seen as perfect lacks to the complete perfection as it needs God to exist. while God does not need them or anything of his creation to exist.
As logically again If God is in need for his creation that won't make him a god.
And also this definition about the complete perfection. Can help understanding why in life things are near to perfect and other things less perfect. As all things and all livings can't be complete perfect. As the only perfection is God. And nothing can exist complete perfect.
Second definition God is the existed :
Also logically who created all creatures and all livings and gave them existence. Must be existing. And the existence of all things and living comes from the existence of God.
But as we mentioned before in the introduction. There is an ultimate fact about God's existence that it can never be understood.
But it can be known and it can be tested scientifically as we did in the previous article. And also can described as we will do in the end of the article.
Third definition God is The living life spirit :
And also logically All these living creatures that were created by God. Can't be created by a dead.
And for example the rock won't give rescue breath mouth to mouth. But only a living human can does that by himself or by tools he make. And only living human can measure and know if the other human is alive or not. while dead materials can't .
And this what makes us alive which living creatures have and dead materials don't is the spirit as we call it. which means the life. Or what carries the life.
And also logically God must has a life or a spirit from it all lives of the creatures were given.
Third definition God is The conscious mind :
Which is something logically too. Who creates all of these creatures and materials with that order and diversity. can't be a dumb mind or unconscious. But conscious mind.
And also logically. who creates the human mind bust be a greater mind.
So Now let's bring out all the definitions we came out with and try to put them in one definition. And it will be :
(( God is the complete perfect  existing  living conscious mind ))
Still hard to get???. Ok let's try to make it more easy and simple.
And let's get back to the example we said in the introduction about the avatar inside the game.
If we assume this avatar is alive and tested all the world he lives in he won't get to the fact about the reality of his world and how god ( Us as programmers or players ) control his world. But he can only understand that we exist but how?. how do we look?. how do we exist?. how do we create his world?. or how do we give life or death?. that is a thing he will never be able to understand.
and also to make it more easy. What we said about God can be applied on us in this case.
As we are the complete perfection of the world of the avatar. his world needs us to exist.
We also do exist our existence can be noticed by our bodies. but the avatar can never understand our bodies. And the way it exists but can understand only that we exist by a way he can't understand.
Also we do have life. that's why we made a living moving avatar not a static dead one. as we understand what is life and what is being alive and trying to imitate it.
Also who makes the game must be a mind. to make everything in order and to put all the rules.
But let's get back to or real world as avatar inside game is not alive.
But it is just an example gives a close explanation to our conditions as humans.
And helps to put definition to God and why we can't understand his existence. despite we can define and test it as we did.

and also to make it more easy. And to explain why there are a lot of things that our minds can't get . like why God let's suffer in the world.
And it will be the same as we make suffer in the games and make avatars face suffer. avatars may not know why they face this suffer. But we know why. To complete the picture inside our minds when we give rescue to the suffer as the end.
But the avatar has no chance to know what is inside our minds or find an explanation.
(( God is the complete perfect  existing  living conscious mind ))


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