Friday, October 17, 2014

God exists scientifically. How???

God exists scientifically. How??? 
Does god exist ???. That is the question. Not new. But old as old as humanity age. And humanity divided at that question. Between who believes in God's existence and between who denies it. And all used his ways in logic to prove It. ( And away from what the writer believes and to which side he belongs ). This issue will be tested in a scientific way. Science Do not lie. It knows only numbers and results. So the idea is simple. we will let this to scientific test to judge. Which will be built On the theory of probability. And we will try to measure it scientifically. What is the probability Of God's existence. And what is the probability of God's non existence.

So using the probability theory on you first. There are two probabilities. First one That you may be fresh and ready to read and dive with me in this article. And also probability that you are Sleepy Or tired. So if you are in the second probability. Try to get rest first then come back to join me and dive in this article. And in case you are not a diver try to get lessons in diving. (There is a probability That you may need diving One day). And let's dive. :)

Now let's take a deep breath And put oxygen pipes In our mouths. And slowly let's dive. Dive & don't rush. As this may be a dangerous thing in diving.

And the start will be with: How can we measure The probability of each one of our two probabilities.. And the answer will be. By knowing how to prove each probability right. And that by trying to find how can we prove For example that god Exists. Or trying to prove that God does not exist? And the ways To prove it. And that to give each one of them probability?

And the start will be with : How can we prove that god does not exist. What do we need To say 100% god does not exist. And how much Did we accomplish from that? To get the exact probability Of God does not exist.

The answer will be : To prove that god does not exist We need to find explanation for everything connected with our existence. And the mechanism of existence. The mechanism of material existence. mechanisms of space existence. mechanism of human soul existence. And life and death. And mechanism inside atom in the Nano's dimension. And we need to find explanation To all of these mechanisms. And how they were formed from the beginning.

If humanity managed From this accomplish. Humanity can say with 100% that God does not exist.

Now we know how to prove that god does not exist. Now the second step is to measure how much did we accomplish to achieve that probability?

The answer will be . We can't deny the achievements of humanity in these fields. With huge and big discoveries In all of these fields. But let's measure it And to measure it we will need to calculate the number of discoveries humanity made in all ages in all fields. And we will get a number represent the total of what humanity achieved in all fields and we will assume this Number is ( A) which means :

A = Total of the humanity discoveries in all ages.

And now all what is left is the third And last step. Which is giving a probability of God does not exist.

And to make that you will need To divide The number that represent The probability of god does not exist. Which we gave it the symbol (A). On total of what is needed to accomplish to prove 100% god does not exist. And that to see the percentage of what was accomplished. To give it probability.

And when we come to measure what is needed to prove 100% God does not exist. we will find limitless expanding space. On Nano & atom dimension Or on planet and galaxies dimension. And limitless knowledge. knowledge still there not discovered or explained yet. And limitless knowledge not discovered about existence and life and death. So we are talking about limitless Or ( infinite ).

Which is needed to prove God does not exist 100%.

And to get the probability Of God does not exist It will be equal to the divide of ( A ) and ( Infinite ) :

Probability of God does not exist = A / Infinite = 0

which will be equal To zero Or nothing.

Any number divided on infinite equal to nothing. And that is scientific result of The probability of God does not exist.

((( Now we arrived To the depth of the sea. And we found out half of what we were searching for. And we are now about 500 meter or more under surface of the sea.)))

And now we will go to the second probability Of the two we are searching for. which is God does exist Or God existence. And like the first time. we need To know how to prove god exists And measure god existence and at last to give it a probability.
And we start with how to prove God existence? And the answer will be it is the alternative of God does not exist. So when we find an Unexplained mechanism Like space Or material existence or life and death. ...etc.

We can't deny the fact that there may be a mind behind it. other wise as we discussed before we need To understand it and explain it and how it was formed.

And in this case God existence will be equal To the unknown Knowledge. Which humanity did not accomplish until now.

And now we know how to prove God exists. So now we need to go to the second step which is to measure the probability of God does exist.

And It will be equal as we said To The unknown knowledge of the limitless space as we mentioned before without repeating.

Which will make it equal to the limitless undiscovered knowledge. Which in this case will be ( Infinite ).

Now to the last step. which is to measure the probability Of God does exist. And in this case as before it will be equal to what is accomplished to prove God does exist 100% divided what on what is needed to prove 100% God exists.

And in this also we will find that what is needed To prove God Exists is limitless or (Infinite ).

Which will mean that the probability Of God does exist Is infinite and it is Equal To a complete One. Or 100%


Probability of God exists = Infinite / Infinite = 1

Means 100% God does exist that is the scientific result Of the probability of god does exist.

((((( And in case you are from the people that believe That infinite / infinite equal to undetermined number And not equal to one . that is wrong why????

Because simply infinite is a concept means undetermined increasing number. Same as the concept of a car which means a Conveyance without determining the color or speed or brand name.

So when you try to find the total of a concept you can't say


Infinite + infinite = Infinite


more like


car + car = car. which is completely wrong.

But the right way is
Infinite + Infinite = 2 * Infinite (2 Infinities)
car + car = 2*car (2 cars )
And in this case the equation will be completely right
As if we divided it to infinite it will be like that:
Infinite / Infinite + Infinite / Infinite = 2
Car / car + car / car = 2
which means
at the end after dividing to 2 ))))))
And also another more easy way to calculate the probability of God exists. which is the Complement arithmetic. As all probabilities should be equal to complete one or 100%.
And in this case Probability Of God does exist will be the Complement arithmetic Of the probability of God does not exist. which means it will be Complement arithmetic of zero. Or it should be like:
0 + ? = 1
which will also mean 100 % God does exist. And that is the final scientific result built on the probability theory.
And to make the results clear again.
Probability of God does not exist = Zero (nothing)
Probability of God does exist = 100% ( or infinite )
That was the scientific results. You can accept it And you can refuse it. But the sure thing you can never deny it. The same way as the diver can't deny the fact that If he left his oxygen pipe while he is in depth of the sea at more than 500 meters under surface of the sea and tried to ascend fast to the surface. He won't make it. and he will die from pressure and Asphyxiation. That is the fact. And thanks for sharing me this dive.